Damian Lopez-Gaston is a senior manager, director of events, contract administrator, film festival presentation specialist, and translator. He has worked on conventions, conferences, major concerts, sporting events, trade shows, horse shows, festivals, fairs, rodeos, among many others. Film Festival work includes the Sundance Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival, Dominican Republic Global Film Festival, CineVegas, Sarasota Film Festival, Traverse City Film Festival, Sedona Film, etc.

Damian Lopez-Gaston is a first-generation American who grew up in northern New Mexico and is now a long term resident of Albuquerque. He is a film lover and music lover with that span multiple decades and various genres. He also enjoys bike riding, hiking, camping, day trips, photography, playing guitar, volunteering, game nights, gardening, cooking, and a good home life. He generally appreciates the arts and culture over sports.

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